Workshops & learning journeys

Empower your employees to create and spread happiness at work and at home with workshops and learning journeys fueled with Positive Psychology.

Happiness and well-being Workshops


The happiness Digger method

Learn and practice the science of Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work.

Happiness and Well-being workshops

Immerse yourself in our interactive workshops, ranging from 2-4 hours, where you'll actively participate and engage with various positive psychology core concepts. Discover happiness-increasing actions and leave with practical tools to enhance your employees well-being.

Learning journeys

Embark on a transformative 3-9 months program meticulously crafted to foster connection, amplify the sense of belonging, and empower individuals to thrive holistically in all aspects of life.

3. Keynotes (coming soon)

30 minutes to one hour sessions tailored to your needs. Topics range from gratitude, meaning and purpose all the way to positive leadership.

4. TEAM BUILDINGS AND offsites (coming soon)

Bring joy into your team buildings and offsites. Keep the engagement throughout the day, add positive vibes and get the best return on investment.

Learning journeys

happy people reviews

"Expertise, Dedication, and Passion!"

With great pleasure I provide my recommendation for Andreea as an exceptional positive psychology practitioner. Having had the opportunity to work closely with Andreea over the past few months, I have been impressed by her expertise, dedication, passion and genuine commitment to helping others lead happier and more fulfilling professional lives.

Chiara Quaia


"Refreshingly positive!"

This experience not only fostered meaningful connections among us colleagues beyond the usual work topics, but the tools shared during the session promise to infuse our daily lives with a refreshing and invigorating dose of positivity!

Tiffany Hecker


"Loved attending Happiness Digger's 'Positive Psychology essentials' workshop"

Andreea taught practical techniques for both work and personal life. The exchange with others in the meeting was enjoyable. We played the 'Uppiness game' to learn and apply our strengths and positive attitudes to challenges. The atmosphere was uplifting, and I left feeling energized and motivated. Highly recommended! Thanks, Andreea!

Jana Berkmann

Worldpay from FIS

"The most playful workshop I've ever attended!"

Attended an inspiring workshop by Andreea on character strengths. Learned about their importance and effects. Identified my own strengths and used them in a unique online game. Playful, inspiring, and insightful experience. Thanks, Andreea!

Maarten de Vries


"Andreea showed me how to focus on my strengths"

My team and I recently completed an engaging Happiness Digger workshop on character strengths. It consisted of an informational session on positive psychology and a fun online game to apply what we learned. We laughed, discussed, and discovered shared and unique thinking. Thanks, Andreea, for the amazing workshop!

Jessy Conflon

Yay!Starter Marketing