About happiness Digger

What is Happiness Digger? Who is Andreea? Learn about Positive Psychology, why happiness skills are important, and why we need to flip the happiness switch.

it's about Creating happiness one easy step at a time

Happiness Digger is here to help you learn the skills of happiness and incorporate simple and easy actions in your everyday life to create and spread happiness.

Happiness is every person’s human right. We are happy not because we have, but because of what we feel, because of what we create, and because of what we share.

We need to flip the switch regarding happiness.

About Andreea

Andreea is a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and the driving force behind Happiness Digger.

Today Andreea is a speaker, organizational wellbeing facilitator, and coach on a mission to create and spread more happiness at work and at home. Everything that she does is geared towards uplifting people and maximizing their potential in order to create a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life for them and for those around them. 

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Based on the last two decades of insights from the science of happiness and positive psychology, along with the knowledge that goes all the way to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Happiness Digger is your guide towards a longer, healthier and happier life.

Get inspired and motivated as you learn more about happiness. Tools, frameworks and easy tips and tricks will allow you to finally have a concrete plan towards creating happiness.

Take small actions in your everyday life and you will become more balanced, sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, have better relationships, feel happier and genuinely smile more.

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Three reasons why happiness digger exists

1. Happiness is too complicated

Happiness doesn't have to be complicated. With the right tools like self-awareness, gratitude, resilience, and meaningful connections, everyone can create more happiness in their lives.

2. Employee well-being should be a priority

Investing in physical and mental health fosters a positive work environment, boosts job satisfaction, and enhances productivity. It also reduces stress and promotes work-life balance, leading to a thriving workplace.

3. Happiness needs to be prioritized

Traditionally we have followed a model in which happiness is a consequence, not a goal in itself. We don't work to create and spread happiness, we expect it to come from working on other goals. This simply is a broken formula. We need to see happiness as a goal, not as a consequence.

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