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Create and spread happiness all year round using positive psychology.

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Empowering in-person and online workshops about happiness & wellbeing at work and at home

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learning journeys, workshops and keynotes

Do you want to create personal and professional growth for your employees at work? Incorporate learning journeys and workshops focusing on mindset and behaviors to set a strong foundation. Empower employees to create a happy thriving workplace culture.  

What to expect

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Knowledge, inspiration and motivation based on Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness at work.

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A variety of life skills such as growth mindset, strengths, mindfulness, gratitude, meaning, relationships amongst others.

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Hands on practice and every day tips and tricks to create and spread happiness at work and at home.

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Engaging sessions and a lot of fun and play.

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CREATE and spread HAPPINESS with happy action cards

What do happy people do differently? They prioritize their happiness. They invest in their happiness. They take action. They create happiness in their everyday life. Therefore, happiness is the result of action.

Rooted in science

Using research findings from the science of Positive Psychology and Happiness at work, these cards are design to enable you to create and spread happiness.

Everyday life actions

Connect your thoughts, feelings and behaviors through simple and easy to execute happiness-increasing activities.

take action, your way

There are 5 categories and 52 different cards for a full year of practice. Create your own winning combo and turn them into happy habits.

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About Andreea aka happiness digger

Happiness is every person’s human right. More precisely having the knowledge and ability to create happiness for oneself and to be able to spread happiness to those around.

The Happiness super skill

Learn the skill of happiness and incorporate simple and easy actions in your everyday life to create and spread happiness.

Prioritize happiness as a goal. That’s all it takes to change your life and the life of those around you.

"Make happiness a goal, not a mere consequence"

About Happiness Digger

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happy people reviews

"It was a pleasure attending Happiness Digger’s workshop on ‘Positive Psychology essentials"

Andreea taught us practical techniques to apply in the workplace and personal life. I also loved the exchange with others joining the meeting. Together, we played the ‘Uppiness game’, a creative approach to learn and apply our strengths and positive attitudes to workplace challenges. The atmosphere was uplifting, and I left feeling energized and motivated to use the positive psychology tools we had learnt. I would highly recommend. Thank you very much Andreea!

Jana Berkmann

Worldpay from FIS

"A complete workshop with a unique online game!"

This is a very happy moment, as I keep on a personal development journey this time with Andreea Pap in a wonderful workshop where we discovered the 5 essential keys for happiness and also other 5 pillars to get a balanced life and great hints to overcome the negativity bias. What a complete workshop with an extra ingredient: This time I played for the second time the #uppinessgame with completely unknown participants and was a lot of fun, as if the ones who already know me didn't guess I'm all in for FUN!

Adriana Salazar Hidalgo


"Andreea showed me how to focus on my strengths"

Last week my team and I completed a Happiness Digger workshop on character strengths. The first part was informational, focusing on ways we can use positive psychology to find happiness. The second part was an innovative online game that allowed us to apply knowledge from the first session. The workshop was very engaging! We were invited to share our thoughts and apply our character strengths. As a result, we shared a lot of laughter as well as great discussions. Each team member participated and it was lovely to discover how our thinking aligns and differs. Thank you so much once again to Andreea for this amazing workshop, we had a great time!

Jessy Conflon

Yay!Starter Marketing

"The most playful workshop I've ever attended!"

I have attended a truly inspiring workshop by Andreea about using one's character strengths. In the first part of the workshop, Andreea explained what character strengths are and what effects could be if everyone would utilize them more. This gave me a lot to think about since I couldn't name my strengths right off the bat. Once I knew about my strengths, I was invited to use them in the second part of the workshop, which was an entirely unique online game. All in all a playful, inspiring and insightful experience. Thanks, Andreea!

Maarten de Vries


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The perfect well-being tool

Create and spread happiness all year round using positive psychology.

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