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Manage your energy, not your time

Shift your focus to better managing your energy rather than your time.


Energy is something that can be created. While time is equal for all, energy is not. The art of managing stress and fatigue, the secret of recovery along with the power of routines are key to energy creation and management. Learn the secrets from the people in the Blue Zones and live a full life.


  • At your office or online
  • English
  • Up to 18 people per group
  • 6-8 months in total
  • Knowledge, interactive exercises and action plan.
  • Completion certificate
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Empower your employees.

employees learn to

Monitor energy levels.
Understand the triggers of energy increases and decreases.
Increase energy levels.
Build a high energy action plan.

Your trainer

Andreea Pap

Learn the skill of happiness and incorporate simple and easy actions in your everyday life to create and spread happiness. Prioritize happiness as a goal.

That’s all it takes to change your life and the life of those around you.

"Make happiness a goal, not a mere consequence"

About Happiness Digger

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What's included

  • 6-8 hours of practical content
  • Actionable insights from the first session
  • The science behind our energy (or lack of)
  • Completion certificate
  • Up to 18 people per group
  • 6-8 hours total